Monday, June 27, 2011

Why, the Red Dirt Cowgirl Drives Again?

I've been looking around for a Blog that celebrates back door travel of know, the places where you can find good junk stores, antique stores, flea markets, good food, great recipes, and interesting places to visit. Well, so far I haven't found such a Blog, so you know what they say, write about what you know. I've been roaming around looking for junk and back roads and interesting highway trips since not long after I started driving. So, I decided, it was finally time for me to start that Blog. Since I grew up in the red dirt country of Southwest Oklahoma and still live down the road from one of the few remaining red dirt roads that will probably never get black-topped, I've been thinking about the demise of red dirt roads and decided to commemorate them also with my Blog.

When I was 16 I took my first foray into the furniture refinishing world with an old rusted ice cream parlour chair missing the seat and managed to turn it into a finished white chair with a cushion for a high school home management project. A couple of years later during my freshman year of college, one of my college best friends introduced me to junk store shopping. These two experiences have led to me developing the lifetime hobbies of furniture refinishing and junk store reclamations. Over and over again, I have taken old furniture in bad shape and turned it into something fun. It has been a fun and rewarding hobby economically and a way to meet some interesting people along the way. I recommend trying it, you might be surprised what you will find.