Friday, October 14, 2011

Just A Red Dirt Road Picture

There's a red dirt road just a couple of miles from our house. I finally remembered to go over there and take some pictures. I was really disappointed in a way, because I had hoped to get some sunset pictures. However, this particular road is almost like in a little valley, with trees across the west side of the road. So, the sunset was not viewable, at least on the day I went.

I guess I'll have to go back and try sunrise, which for me is a lot harder to accomplish. My idea of sunrise is usually being asleep. But, I've been known to get up that time of day and go out with a camera once in a while. I need to hurry up before we have our first freeze, which according to the weatherman could be in just a few days! I am so not ready for winter. Wish we could have fall for a LONG time.

After I left that spot, I drove a mile further west to a farm that we drove past every single time we went to town when I was growing up. There's an old falling down farmhouse on it, that I wanted to try getting some pictures of. I love the soft grays and greeny blues of this picture.

Before I sign off, just have to give you one more red dirt road picture....

Update as of March, 2012: I am so glad I went by and took these pictures a few months ago. In just the past couple of weeks, this property burned down. I don't know if it was on purpose or unintentional. It was so dangerous walking around there, it might have been on purpose by the owner. Sure am glad I got some old beat up house pic's while I had the chance.

Seeing the ruts in this picture remind me of places in Red Rock Canyon state park near Hinton, where they say you can see the ruts of wagon wheels during the pioneer days of the old west. I should go over there and take pictures when the fall leaves get just a little prettier. 

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  1. Red Rock Canyon update: I've driven past the entrance to Red Rock Canyon 2 different times since I wrote this. The leaves along the highway south of there, were semi pretty...not as pretty as most years. I know that the drought we've been having this year has affected them in a big way. I also had my camera with me. However, both occasions were getting me back and forth from the doctor for medical tests in preparation for the doctor to determine what kind of surgery I'm going to have to have. Unfortunately, both days we drove past there, we were on too tight of a schedule to stop at the state park because my husband had to drive kids home on the school bus. The school has such a tough time getting subs for the school bus, that we had to race back home each time. I guess I will have to settle for some other season.