Friday, October 14, 2011

Just A Red Dirt Road Picture

There's a red dirt road just a couple of miles from our house. I finally remembered to go over there and take some pictures. I was really disappointed in a way, because I had hoped to get some sunset pictures. However, this particular road is almost like in a little valley, with trees across the west side of the road. So, the sunset was not viewable, at least on the day I went.

I guess I'll have to go back and try sunrise, which for me is a lot harder to accomplish. My idea of sunrise is usually being asleep. But, I've been known to get up that time of day and go out with a camera once in a while. I need to hurry up before we have our first freeze, which according to the weatherman could be in just a few days! I am so not ready for winter. Wish we could have fall for a LONG time.

After I left that spot, I drove a mile further west to a farm that we drove past every single time we went to town when I was growing up. There's an old falling down farmhouse on it, that I wanted to try getting some pictures of. I love the soft grays and greeny blues of this picture.

Before I sign off, just have to give you one more red dirt road picture....

Update as of March, 2012: I am so glad I went by and took these pictures a few months ago. In just the past couple of weeks, this property burned down. I don't know if it was on purpose or unintentional. It was so dangerous walking around there, it might have been on purpose by the owner. Sure am glad I got some old beat up house pic's while I had the chance.

Seeing the ruts in this picture remind me of places in Red Rock Canyon state park near Hinton, where they say you can see the ruts of wagon wheels during the pioneer days of the old west. I should go over there and take pictures when the fall leaves get just a little prettier. 

Friday, October 7, 2011


Just got back a couple of nights ago from my annual trip to Branson. Actually, I never feel the need to take an annual trip there, but my mother and my Aunt Joy love to go at least once a year and I hate to let them down, as I am their driver. This year, my sister Patricia joined us, which was quite helpful, since there were two times I got horribly, terribly sick and she had to take over the driving for me. I have made myself a doctor's appointment, I think the crystal ball is saying I have medical tests in my future. But, for now, I will take the Scarlet O'Hara approach and "think about it tomorrow".

Anyway, back to Branson. Got some new clothes and am going to take my look to a whole different direction this fall and winter. Did a little sewing and crafts shopping, found some more Mary Engelbreit fabric to go into a little project I was already planning. Bought me a 49er jacket at Pendleton's. The 49er jacket came out in 1949 and I remember our mother wearing one when I was a little girl. I guess the style is so classic, they either reissued it or, maybe never quit. I have uploaded the tag that came on the jacket, because I love it. It reminds me of old Simplicity pattern covers. My look will be more Oklahoma housewife, rather than exotic retro housewife. I wasn't born in 1949, but I'm pretty sure I never knew anyone that looked this good in one of these jackets in the early 50's.

Luckily, I got to go to two of my favorite stores in the whole wide world: Dressin Gaudy and Quilts & Quilts. When I said I don't feel the need to take a trip there, that's slightly inaccurate. I would need to at least drive through there about once a year just so I could drop into these two stores. The first one has lots of clothes I like that I can't seem to find in Oklahoma. I have to use a process of elimination to narrow down what I buy, since I can only get a few things. This year I went all out and bought 2 skirts, 2 jackets, and a sweater. I justified it because I have my niece's wedding and my high school reunion to attend this fall. Plus, as I said, it was just time to take my wardrobe in a whole different direction.

Quilts and Quilts was where I bought the sewing items I mentioned above. If you like to sew or quilt - this is the store for you. I guess they have thousands of bolts of fabric. I should have asked while I was there. I don't quilt, but I can always find something I think I can't live without. This year, my sister and I got a great idea for using crayons on fabric and adding embroidery to it. So, I will be experimenting with that in the upcoming weeks and let you know how that works. Fabric crayons are better than regular, so of course, we had to buy those. I'm sure Quilts and Quilts is on all the quilt tours. But, I've never been on one, so I don't know that for sure. Even if you don't sew, but enjoy looking at interesting quilts go there on your next trip. They had a Halloween quilt that was absolutely adorable. This was one of the crayon projects. They had colored haunted house pictures and trees without any leaves gray and then outlined the edges in black floss. Then they sewed pieces of Halloween fabric between the squares. They have a VERY strict rule about no pictures or cameras, so of course I couldn't take a picture because I did not want to get thrown out of the store. You can find Quilts and Quilts online and on Facebook, so look them up if you like to sew. They also have the most non-traditional patterns I've ever seen for sweatshirt coats, wall-hangings, quilts, ect. And, you can order online.

Another place we had to go to was Dick's Oldtime 5 and 10. The only thing I bought that I thought I had to have was a dressy OSU scarf. One never knows when they might need that. I would say I could wear it to homecoming, but I already have my new OSU quilted jacket my mother made me that I will wear for that...if I get to go. Just had to post a copy of the sack from Dick's, for your reading entertainment... Patricia and I didn't go to any music shows. Yes, I know, we're crazy. We had thought about just going back to the room each night after we took our mom and aunt to their shows. Yes, I know, we're also boring. But, instead, we roamed around in stores down at the Branson Landing. We mainly went to places where Patrica has historically gotten great buys. Also, I had to block out the time for the reoccurring medical problems that I referred above.

This was not a good time for me to be reporting on great places to eat. I ate several over easy eggs and some mild bowls of soup. Not exactly what you were probably thinking about eating on your next vacation. However, I did enjoy our meal at Mel's Hard Luck Diner with the singing waitress and waiter. (Even if it was just an over easy egg with a little dab of grits.) Everyone else said the $6.99 buffet was really pretty good. The music was excellent. Honestly, the first time the singing started, they were behind me and I thought the song was on the jukebox! I liked the waitress' voice so well, I bought one of her CD's. We ate at Cracker Barrel 3 times in 2 different towns. As usual, they were consistent and tasty. I just plain like Cracker Barrel. I should probably do commercials for them.

One more note about flea markets: the day we went downtown to Dick's, we decided we would stay in that area a couple of hours. It didn't take me long to walk through Dicks, so I decided to walk down the street to a couple of flea markets I had found advertised on the map. One of them had a sign as you entered that said, "22 rooms". I wasn't sure I really wanted to see 22 rooms and almost left. Later, I was glad I stayed and kept looking. Because a good thing made me want to go home and get rid of a bunch of stuff at my house. It made me want to change the direction I was going in my life. I will let you know how that works out for me, but as of now, I already feel like I'm moving in a new direction.