Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Time Seems To Be A Concept I Fail To Understand

I know I've been busy, but I can't believe I lost track that I hadn't blogged here in so long, although I had made a conscious effort to save my writing for my e-book. It seems like I'm getting closer to having it ready for publication. I just had to shut down whatever, in order to channel my thoughts to my e3-book.  I've also been trying to put some time and effort in to building my food related business. Some things haven't changed: Facebook still has those mean people that want to spew their venom wherever they go and the political fanatics are still compelled to inflict their opinions on the rest of us. Plus, there are those idiots who click on 73 things to "share" with the rest of the world - and that's just on one day. I figured out how to block their generosity on my PC, but not my cellphone, so I may have to say bye-bye. They're taking up on my bandwidth and making it frustrating to read FB on my phone.

Christmas was nice, although it didn't seem to last long enough. But, all the festivities leading up to it were fun. The most heart warming thing we did was deliver Christmas boxes to 2 families that were not having much of a Christmas.

One way I've been entertaining myself in the kitchen with are Lava Cakes. As someone once said about something else, "the possibilities are endless".

Our youngest son has relocated to Austin, so I see South Texas vacations in our future. He finished his Master's program exactly 3 semesters after finishing his Bachelors. He was always sensible and practical - when he was 3 he actually told me one time, "Mother, it's time to put me to bed, it's my bedtime."  Plus, to top it off, he had 4 job offers. He took the one with a company on the top 100 companies to work for - so that seems promising. My brain is so non-engineering oriented, I'm amazed I gave birth to a child that was able to make math and science work so well for him, since I'd made a personal vow years ago to try and live my life without either.

It's been so cold at our house, let's just say it's "winter challenged", that I've been researching beach vacations for future trips. I can hardly wait for warm spring days. Actually, I'd like to experience warm winter days - I think we've had enough cold days to freeze the bugs. In the meantime, I just keep a heater close to the computer desk.