Thursday, October 30, 2014

I guess I allowed summer to whiz by. Here we are at fall again. The past month I lived without a cell phone. Part of the time we also lived without a computer, but I finally solved that problem quicker than the phone thing. Didn't know my phone was so popular. At one point, I couldn't find a cell phone battery in the state of Oklahoma for my phone. My of my, either that's a popular phone I have or someone is terribly incompetent. You don't realize how much your life is wrapped in technology till it's not there for you. My cell phone is my phone book, address book, calendar, keeper of memos & info, camera, a favorite link to social media. Plus, hey, it makes phone calls. It is also darn good entertainment. Oh well, life goes on and I am connected again. It did make me very aware of some changes I wanted to make.