Thursday, March 1, 2012

Planning My Next Big Road Trip

I had recently heard about the Red Barn Boutique junk shopping show near my Alma Mater in Stillwater, OK that only happens twice a year in April and Oct. It is finally almost time for the April show (April 12-15) and I had the brilliant idea to not just go by myself...which of course could have still be fun because I do have 2 sons going to college in the same town and I could have gotten together with them to eat out. But, it suddenly occurred to me, why not see if anyone I knew that had also gone to OSU and loves to go back to Stillwater for field trips would like to tag along. We could get a motel, eat out, go see the newly remodeled Student Union, go to the Red Barn thing, and have a lot of fun. So I messaged a couple of other OSU alums and asked them what they thought and they agreed it would be a great trip. So, plans are now in the works.

I had surgery Feb. 13th and the doctors think I'm doing great, so I'm planning on being really great by mid April. Of course, if I buy anything heavy, I will have to get someone else to lift it into the trunk, but other than that, I should be good to go. I've created my event and sent it out to Facebook friends with OSU- Stillwater connections and already have enough reservations that we will need 2 motel rooms. My only regret is that I couldn't plan it earlier, because I can't get a good motel for a Friday night, so we have to go on a Thursday, which cuts down on the participation a bit. However, I did need to wait till the doctors gave the word I could resume my life.

If you want to plan your own Red Barn Boutique Road Trip, here's a link so you can learn more about it:  They also have a page on Facebook, if you're a Facebooker.

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