Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The First Tornado Warning

I wrote this last March on the anniversary of the 1st tornado warning for my facebook page, Inspired To Survive. After yesterday's brush with tornadoes I was reminded of it and decided to share it here too.  I've revised it, since obviously, today is not the anniversary. Also, another interesting connection, when I shared this at a women's group at church I learned that one of the women present at our meeting knew the Base Commander back then and remembered this happening. Talk about living history...I thought I had already revised this with his name, but will need to get in touch with my friend and get that information again. Her mother had babysat his children and Gladys said that they were a wonderful family. 

March 25th, 2012 will be the 64th anniv of the 1st U.S. tornado warning (March 25, 1948).  In March, 1948 the Tinker AF Base Commander asked his weather people to determine a way to predict a tornado. Days earlier there had been a devastating tornado in Oklahoma causing $10 million in damages and the loss of many lives. This was a terrific amount of money damages for 1948. The weather guys realized the same weather conditions existed on March 25th.  Although some scientists thought the base commander was crazy, he went out on a limb and issued a tornado warning.  As a result, lives were saved, & history was made because Okla did have another tornado that day. Those of us who live in tornado country should be forever grateful, because, although not perfect, tornado warnings help us live more safely and we depend on them many times throughout the years. Most of us cannot imagine a time without tornado warnings. Elaine Bellamy

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