Monday, July 8, 2013

The Flea Market Booth That Died

I've made reference a couple of times about opening a flea market booth. For reasons I can't go fully into here, or at least I choose not to go into - the store where I had my booth is no more. Sad to say, but the owner called and said she was loosing her lease. I've looked hither and yon trying to figure out another location, but the only place I could find was only large enough for about 6 booths and was in a one horse town with no stoplight. (Translation: too small to do enough business to merit the effort required.)  So I've crammed my stuff here and there until I can come up with a solution. It was kind of sad, since I thought all things considered it was going pretty well. Oh well, que sera sera and all that jazz. It couldn't be helped and it is what it is. It was fun while it lasted. So, now I'm back to driving my husband C R A Z Y with my collections. Needing a solution that isn't called "selling it at a garage sale for 25 cents". 

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