Thursday, July 14, 2011

Road Trip: Cordell and Clinton, OK

When I'm in the mood for a little nearby junking, I run over to Cordell and Clinton for the morning or afternoon. I wander the back roads till I get to Highway 152, going west. Cordell is only about 35 minutes from my house and Clinton is 16 miles from Cordell, so it makes an easy and convenient day trip. For those outside the Southwest Oklahoma area, Clinton is 84 miles west of Oklahoma City, just off I-40. To get to Cordell from Lawton, take US 62 west from Lawton for 26 miles and US 183 for 49 miles.

CORDELL has two 2 second hand stores, both in the down-town area.
J & D's BARGAINS is operated by J. and Debbie Banks. Their store is jam packed, just don't go expecting a lot of furniture choices because they have limited floor space and have invested heavily in the glassware and cookware type of collectables. If you need a lid for a specific Pyrex dish, need a pie plate, or want to acquire a set of cornflower blue pattern Corning Ware dishes - J & D's is your go-to place. We all have our stories of the "one that got away", and one of my most memorable lost pieces was a storage shelf for $5.00 @ J.&D.'s.  I was in a car that day and didn't have room for a rickety shelf.  About 2 days later when I was back home I realized how and where I could have used it and how to reinforce it. By the time I got back over there - it was gone, of course. J & D's is stocked from the floors to the ceiling with stuff and lots of it. There is a book and cookbook section, 50's and 60's kitsch, dishes, pans, cast iron cookware, tools, basically, you name it...they may have it. They have things I don't even know the names of.  Just don't go expecting furniture because they don't have a lot of space to store it. However, the day I was in there in late June there were probably a half dozen pieces of miscellaneous pieces of furniture.

JUDA THRIFT STORE is operated by a local church ministry and generates income for their food bank program. In many ways, it's a typical church thrift store. Every time I'm there, I see a half dozen customers, so they seem to stay busy. They seem to specialize in standard economical clothing. I found a great pair of black gingham Capri pants for $1.00. However, I don't usually shop the clothing. I think if you were looking for basic clothing to cut up for making rag rugs or crafts, this would be the place to go. They usually have some furniture to pick through, as well as kitchen stuff. I did notice that whoever did the most recent pricing had used a black magic marker and actually wrote prices on the outside of items. I don't know if it was the type of marker that would scrub off - so that could be quite the detriment depending on the item. This place is quite the grab bag of assorted items. I either find nothing...or several items of interest. The last time I was there, I found a heavy duty stainless cooker/strainer for $2.00 that fits down inside a stock pot and the complete collection of Beatrix Potter in one book that was in excellent condition. This is one of those places you really have to filter out the junk. Of course, they are beholden to their donations, which are often probably the leftovers from garage sales.

When I'm in Cordell, I also like to drop by THE TANGERINE DOOR@ 217 E. Main, 580-832-2786. It definitely isn't bargain shopping, but they do have neat and interesting merchandise. I can always find something to buy and put away for future gift giving or use for my own enjoyment.

When I drove on to CLINTON, it was with the plan to go to THE MULBERRY BUSH. However, when I drove by the store that had been their location, it was empty with a For Sale sign. Realizing it was Sonic Happy Hour, I went there to regroup. Aren't cell phones with data plans wonderful? I looked up and found the current phone number for THE MULBERRY BUSH ANTIQUE MALL AND VINTAGE MARKET @ 604 Frisco Ave. When I called, I discovered that they had just been open at their new location for 3 weeks, after having been closed since October of 2010. (I had not realized how long it had been since I'd been able to run over to Clinton.) Their new location is great. It's 2-two floors of booths & vendors. The location is very interesting. Posts have been created out of tree trunks and there is an old time store's decorative display area on the 2nd floor. Cheryl Crane McCullers is the owner. She is open Mon. thru Sat from 9:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. She also goes to Canton, TX. Her Facebook page is listed as The Mulberry Bush Vintage Market and she shows lots of current pictures of current stock. She also has a website at

Down the street, also on Frisco Ave, you will find MEMORY LANE ANTIQUE MALL @ 624 Frisco Ave. Memory Lane has two store's worth of booths and NANA'S ANTIQUES AND GIFTS @ 706 Frisco Ave. Nana's has booth vendors also, and quite an assortment of colorful refinished furniture, that's different than anything I've seen elsewhere. Her rescued counter top with stools is a great place to rest while you're checking out at the register. Nana's is also on Facebook listed as Nana's Antiques-Gifts. 

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