Thursday, July 14, 2011

New Okla. City Antique Stop

I ran to OKLA. CITY this week to take care of several things and discovered a place new to me that will join my "must visit" list in the future: The RED ROOSTER ANTIQUE MALL at 305 SW 89th Street. From the street it doesn't look like a very big place, but once I got in there, I realized it was huge with lots of vendors. Several were having pretty good sales. Booth 88 was having a 50% off sale (scored a large cardboard Coca Cola sign for my collection). One room had a $3 table. Found a couple of unique things. I found a neat Walt Disney collectable that I will have to take a picture of to show, mere words will not do it justice. I also loved the little picture display I bought that had a criss-crossed spoon and fork in the front.  If you are into retro clothing and shoes, they had the biggest selection I've seen in years. Anyone need a retro prom dress to display for their bedroom or sewing room? The owner was very friendly and helpful. This will definitely not be my last trip to this shop. Sorry I forgot to take a picture of the outside to help give you an idea what to look for if you decide to go there, but it was another one of our Oklahoma 100+ days and I think I was brain dead from the heat by that time.

After I left the RED ROOSTER I cut over to Shields Blvd to get cheap gas and cut through the down-town area so I could get over to BIG TRUCK TACOS at 530 NW 23rd Street. I had to order my favorite - the Flaming Lips tacos. Before the day was over I checked the sales at Joann's and Michaels. Found lots of useful stuff in the $1 sections at Michaels. It looks like it won't be long before the new Outlet Mall will be finished out on west I-40. I also got a new hair cut which looked amazing that day at the salon. Unfortunately, not so much now that I'm doing it myself. Unfortunately, while I was shopping I accidentally deleted my OKC memo on my Blackberry - so I lost lots of important info I will have to recreate. All because I thought I was deleting one word. There's lots to do and see in OKC, but that will have to be save for other days.

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